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Growth Show

22. October 2019 #16 How to make seven-figure revenues with FBA & socks

Growth Show in short:

The Growth Show is a podcast all about growth. The hosts Sebastian Kunz and Serhat Kaya are exploring the topic from different perspectives with different guest speakers. Especially from the personal as well as business perspective of their speakers. The speakers are mostly successful entrepreneurs with an amazing track record, growth hackers, practitioners of interesting marketing tactics and growth hacks, coaches and other amazing and interesting people with different touchpoints with the topic behind growth itself.

How it began:

Like all great stories Sebastian Kunz and Serhat Kaya were sitting in a bar and talked about different stuff. Until they realized, that they both are interested in hosting a podcast. So they teamed up and tried to figure out what topic would be interesting. Somehow it ended up in the topic growth. All in all the idea of this podcast is to figure out how a podcast works and how podcasts can be grown.

#16 How to make seven-figure revenues with FBA & socks

What a story!
In this episode of the Growth Show Podcast, we talk with Johannes Kliesch, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SNOCKS.
SNOCKS started as an e-commerce startup, selling only socks via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Shopify. By now they have evolved into a full Lifestyle Brand and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.
Tune in to hear the amazing story behind SNOCKS, learn about Johannes as a founder, how SNOCKS uses and masters the art of selling through Amazon and what is next to come.

#15 How to master speaking on stage

Peter Hopwood is Global Keynote Speaker Coach & Founder of Hopwood Communications. He travels the globe helping people tell clearer stories with stronger impact. Bringing more value to their ideas. He helps executives and entrepreneurs develop their speaking style in front of a crowd or on camera, gain investment and persuade with impact.
Equally, as an internationally experienced live events MC, Peter has developed an extensive global portfolio of shaping large scale conferences. He loves to be kept on his toes wearing many hats – mentor, coach, presenter and voiceover talent.

In this episode, we talk with Peter about his impressive background in public speaking and his career path over the past twenty years.
Peter shares valuable insights about body language, how to use your voice, how to master public speaking and much more.
Tune in to hear how you make your audience care about what you have to say and how you make sure to stay in their heads.
Would you like to know more about Peter and why speaking on a stage is like flexing a muscle?

#14 Growing slowly but steadily with a sustainable product

In this episode, we have the pleasure to talk with Sophie Zepnik about the early days of hejhej-mats. hejhej-mats is offering the first holistic closed-looped yoga mat. This means, the yoga mats are not only produced from recycled materials but will be recyclable at the end of their lifespan.
You will also hear insights about developing a fully sustainable product - closing the loop from start to finish.
Tune in and check out this amazing Startup story with a great vision!

#13 How to create an innovative company culture

As an electrical engineering graduate Sebastian started his career as automation engineer within a brown coal mining facility.
When he moved to software development he started to work for a medium-sized IT company, as engineer, team lead and later as project lead. A few years ago, he transitioned to Axel Springer and started living the agile way. Within Axel Springer, as CTO of Ideas Engineering, Sebastian is one of the key drivers to transform this historic corporation to become a modern tech company.
This challenge and his passion for a great team culture motivates him every single day!

Tune in to hear the story about his awesome journey!

#12 How to create a world-class product

Lennart completed his B.A. at the design college, the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd in product design, and passed his bachelor's thesis with a 1.0. During his studies, he also worked in design studios in Ulm, Hamburg, and Chicago as he studied Interior Design at the Ohio State University in the US. Directly after graduating in spring 2015, Lennart founded a design agency (THINKS Design GmbH) together with his Co-Founder Florian Goecke and shortly afterward them two founded a sports brand (STRYVE GmbH). While the agency also offers design as a service the agency now also develops products for the company's own sports brand. From anti-vandal lights for public spaces, advertising campaigns and user interface design to lifestyle and sports products, THINKS is always dedicated to new customers and projects. The style is mostly timeless, minimal with high demands on aesthetics, function, and attention to detail. THINKS already won the iF and Red Dot Design Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019. STRYVE GmbH has partners all over the world. Its products are now available in 24 countries (as of December 2018) and with several thousand shops worldwide.

In this episode, we will talk with Lennart about the beginning of this entrepreneurial journey and about creating a world-class product. Lennart also shares the exciting story how a TV show helped him boost sales to an incredible amount of orders.

#11 How TIER Mobility grew from 20 to 320+ employees

Julian Blessin is Co-Founder of TIER Mobility - the Berlin based micro-mobility company. TIER was founded in summer 2018 and is already active in 35+ cities in 12 countries. Before founding TIER, Julian was with the Berlin team of BCG Digital Ventures as a Lead Venture Architect where he launched and scaled COUP - a BOSCH owned eScooter-Sharing Company. Prior to joining BCG DV, Julian invested in Tech Startups for an international VC fund. Julian studied Business Administration and Technology Management at LMU Munich, CDTM and UC Berkeley and holds a PhD in BA.

In this episode, we will talk with Julian about the massive growth of TIER to 5 Mio. rides per month and what led to it, the challenges of a hyper-growth startup and much more!

#10 How to grow an agency organically

Serhat Kaya is a German Entrepreneur and Founder of the digital agency XPERIENTS. He is also Initiator of the Hamburg Chapter of Startup Grind and Host of the podcast "The Growth Show". Serhat's passion is supporting entrepreneurs in changing the world. The digital agency XPERIENTS supports entrepreneurs in designing great products with an amazing UX as well as with conversion optimization. With Startup Grind Serhat connects the startup scene in Hamburg with knowledge transfer from founders for founders. He also explores growth topics in his podcast with practical insights for innovators. Last but not least he supports innovation processes within tech events & corporate innovation events as a facilitator, whenever he as the time for that.

In this episode, Serhat's co-host Sebastian Kunz is having a casual talk with him, so that you have the chance to get to know your hosts a little bit better. He shares some of the remarkable stories he heard in interviewing other entrepreneurs in fireside chats as host of Startup Grind Hamburg, his challenges at the beginning of his agency, how he got his first clients and much more!

#09 How to 4x revenues with YouTube

Jan Sapper grew up in Guatemala, did his Bachelor in engineering in Vienna, completed his Master's degree in Business Management in London and is currently working on optimizing the iPad.

In 2012 Jan started "Sapper Limited" with the intent of creating the MacDock; the most awesome docking station for the MacBook – ever. This journey brought him through all stages a startup goes through market research, building a community, filing patents, managing teams remotely, sourcing components in Europe and Asia, launching and managing a successful Kickstarter campaign and so on. All in all; Jan built an awesome product and in that process acquired competencies and gathered insights that anyone freshly out of the uni can only get by having his own startup. This adventure ended in tears, but what Jan learned in the process defined some essential foundation blocks for his later entrepreneurial path.

Jan joined Protonet's ranks in the Marketing & Sales team by the end of 2013 and ended up becoming Product manager there. As product manager at Protonet he created a product he is pretty proud of: Protonet's On-Premise-Warranty program. He also managed pricing & HW-product line and brought Protonet's private cloud servers to market. In his last months at Protonet he managed the phase-out the Indiegogo campaign for the ZOE home automation hub. The campaign hadn't run as hoped and Jan was assigned to refund 300k USD to over 1000 worldwide supporters. A side from crowdfunding he hadn't experienced before.

In 2017 Jan launched the PaperLike crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising 2.000€, which ended up raising over 60k€. This "Hobby" back then has now grown to be Jan's main job, and he and his small team of decentralized people make PaperLike work.

In this episode, you will hear more about Jan's best practices on winning crowdfunding campaigns, how to multiply sales with YouTube marketing and much more!

#08 How feedback culture convinced an investor

Robin Himmels is Co-Founder & COO of the healthy food delivery company eatclever. Robin loves being in situations where he can explore the underlying mechanics of things, whether they are machines, processes, or products. Analysing and understanding how a certain ingredient in a recipe influences the taste does not just allow you to tweak the product, but also to develop new products. This insight holds value through all his interests in food, processes & technology. 
This curiosity led him to found his first company, an affiliate business comprised of multiple couponing platforms. Understanding how consumers and employees behave and how they can be motivated was the reason he studied business psychology and e-business. After selling his first company he decided to combine his passion for food with his desire to build and develop products & businesses. As COO he leads & develops eatclevers teams in the areas of Partner Management, Product Development, Customer Support, and Logistics. He always looks for ways to further improve the way eatclever does things together with the individual team leads.

In this episode we talk with Robin about eatclevers beginnings, about feedback culture and how it led to the first business angel, how Tinder users matched with eatclevers meals and eventually became happy customers and much more.

#07 How to leverage WhatsApp Groups for Marketing

Pascal van Steen is Co-Founder of the Netherland based Growth Marketing Agency „Growth Spike“, Organizer of the Growth Hacker Talk in Amsterdam and Host of Blockchain Investor Summits. Pascal is obsessive about growth as well as fascinated by new technologies and the startups which create them. He is an expert in communicating the value of startups with the right audience and converting them into clients. Since big budgets aren't always available, Pascal implements an experiment driven growth process to maximize cost-effectiveness and subsequently help his clients grow. Pascal was formerly in Growth Marketing positions at Blockport, Greenhome and Prezi.

In this episode we talk with Pascal about his growth marketing recipes and learnings, discuss the amazing marketing success of Initiative Q (we are pretty sure you have heard about them especially last year) and much more. Amongst other things Pascal shares with us, how he and his co-founder reached out to crypto investors through WhatsApp groups.